RuPaul’s Drag Race… Alaska Does Bridal

I don’t know if all of you are keeping up on RuPaul’s Drag Race this final season, but they are down the final three! Our favorite runway look this season was Alaska’s bridal-inspired “high fashion ghoul” gown. This was the perfect look to end the season, and I don’t know about you, but our vote goes to Alaska!

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Black, White, and poppy Easter table top

Most people who know me, know that I love to think outside the box, especially when it comes to traditions.

I have A.D.D people. I am CONSTANTLY bored. I am always searching for new and fun ideas to incorporate into our weddings and events. I especially love to play with color.

Soooo… I’ve been out of touch lately and I’d like to apologize (I thought Easter was the perfect time to do it, resurrect that it ;) ) Things have been crackin’ around the office and we have been joyfully insane with meeting with so many fabulous new clients, 2013 is going to be a wonderful year and all I can say is Thank you Jesus, Santa, Easter Bunny, Buddha and whoever else is listening, THANK you! Ok so, this whole photo shoot craze in the wedding industry has really took a toll on me.. If I can speak candidly ( I always do anyway). ‘They’, meaning shoots, are a shit load of work, suuuper expensive and somehow they never truly end up how you want, but GOSH they are addicting and so much fun. So… sad to say, I will not be doing a gigantic expensive exhausting invasive, possibly illegal (at times) photo shoot anytime soon. I will, however, be doing a series of small shoots inspired by fashion, and new trends I am seeing with my clients . This will give me a chance to play around with ideas and color schemes but not send me to my grave-less grave or even worse increase my botox bill.

This is the first shoot to kick off the series. I have teamed up with photographer, Leah Valentine and a few of my other faves. Leah is so sweet,  lovely and very easy to work with, we were so pleased she came on board.

Glittered Gold eggs in Black wire nests.. I needed something edgy and so does Jesus or he wont resurrect next year.

Floral including; Hellebore, dusty pink peony, green and white hydrangea, white ranunculus, black succulents, fever few, Butter colored tulips. We designed the arrangement to sit flush against the table.. I will be doing this look a lot next year. The linen is called “Hope” it is brand new linen from La Tavola from their 2013 collection. When I saw it .. It was love…

Black lacquered ceramic bunnies and black glassware were added for a pop. Remember black goes a long way…

I love me some chair decor.. ANYTHING to spice up a boring old chivari. A little piece of advice to all you bride and grooms to be… IF you are over budget, this is the FIRST thing to go! Happy Easter Bitches!!!!!

The Team

Design and Floral Nico Cervantes, NLC productions
Photographer Leah Valentine
Rentals Classic Party Rentals, Santa Barbara
Linen La Tavola Fine Line, 2013 collection

A Duet Boudoir: Styled by Nico Cervantes Photography by Kurt Boomer

Now that the holidays are over and I am back in the office, I feel like I need another week to get back on some kind of decent work schedule. 2013 has also brought out a bolder more confident side in me. I want to take more risks this year, not give in to designs and trends that feel “safe” or “mainstream”. Can I do this while still staying current and appealing to the “modern bride”? I guess what I want to do is find more of my inspiration from art, sculpture and fashion verses what “consumer/retail” (blah).  I guess what I am tring to say, is I want to go back to what I used to do, before the economy tanked and my life became crowded with mason jars and mercury glass.. Uhg. Operation Survival 101.

In my new found light, I have decided to post this “Duet Boudoir” photo shoot I styled with brilliant photographer, Kurt Boomer. We had a blast with this shoot, leaving any hesitation, or fear 30 feet away from the camera at all times. A beautiful estate, a fountain, a freezing day, a vintage gold desk, floating blooms, and a few strands of Chanel pearls and A whole lot of sexy.

I am always very honored when my past brides/clients ask me to style their boudoir shoot. It is something I love to do. It’s not about sex or nudity for me, it’s about watching real people find their own empowerment and confidence. I have never been asked to style a couples boudoir shoot..  Could be strange to open up those doors… I think I may stick to the ladies.

What Kurt and I wanted to capture in the shoot, is the natural shapes of these models, the color , the skin tone, and youth. Hope you enjoy. -Nico Cervantes, NLC productions


Photography: Kurt Boomer

Hair and Make up: Luna Bella

Jewerly: Coast to Coast Collection

Styling: Nico Cervantes

2012 recap and My New Years Resolutions

New years eve is one of my favorite holidays. I love the idea of “starting fresh” with a new year. A chance to make new changes, goals, habits, dreams, wishes and challenges. Celebrating the past years successes and leaving behind the struggles. It is such a great time to reinvent yourself, and I plan on doing just that.

This year was full of many blessings, all in which that I am very grateful for. Here is Recap of some of the exciting highlights of 2012. We started off the beginning of the year collaborating with the Santa Barbara International Film festival in designing their opening night VIP party, the party was a success and a ton of fun! Right after, Fern and I ran up to Vegas for the Event Solutions Convention where I taught a class about Trends and was nominated for a Spotlight Award for “Floral Designer of the year“ ( I lost to some chica on the east coast) The year scooted along with events, weddings, and general busy-ness. As our team expanded and the months became warmer, we found ourselves immersed in wedding season creating successful event after event. In July, Fern, Felicia and I were asked to travel to New Orleans to speak at the NACE convention. The trip was filled with adventure, art, food, alligators, and general fabulousness- I LOVE the south! When we returned, rushing back into the height of wedding season, I came back to fabulous news that I was cast to film a pilot of a new reality TV show based on the event industry. Scared and excited I had already been trying to lose weight for a few months, but this was the true motivation I needed to really kick my butt into shape! I refused to be chubby treats on television, and it has brought me to my current weight loss of 90lbs. The autumn leaves quickly started to fall and wedding season started approaching its final chapter. Tired, drained, and sleepless we still ended the year with a bang, creating beauty till the end. Our biggest honor of all was saved for the end of the year, where it was announced that NLC was nominated in the “Best Floral Design” category at the Special Events International Gala Awards. We are absolutely totally and utterly thrilled! For those of you not in the events industry, The Gala Awards are our version of The Academy Awards. The Awards ceremony will take place in Chicago on January 18th. Wish us luck!

2012 was an awesome year, but we have NO doubt that 2013 is going to be even better! Here are a few pictures to recap the year, as well as my list of New Year’s resolutions!

Ceremony At the San Ysidro Ranch

One of My favorite Escort Card displays.. Hanging Leaves!!

Speaking at The NACE Convention in New Orleans

I love this moment caught from one of our summer weddings by the fabulous Melissa Musgrove

Congrats to the beautiful Mr. and Mrs. Koznick !

One of my favorite Ceremony’s of last year.. Custom constructed arbor complete with a 70 foot white wooden runway to replace the aisle!

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Evans! I love ya both!

Fabulous photo by the Lovely Raya Carlisle 

My Favorite bridal bouquet of the year, paired with one of my favorite brides. :)

cheers to “The Grumps” ;)

Image courtesy of Linda Chaja Photography

Ok now that we  brought light to SOME of my favorite moments from last year …. Here are some of my goals and resolutions for 2013. What are yours???

1. Lose the 40lbs left to reach my goal weight.
2. Take three ballet classes a week (umm yes I used to be a dancer.. Hard to believe I know)
3. Kiss more
4. Continue to budget and become more financially responsible
5. Get to bed by 10pm, get up at 6am (every morning)
6. Do three marketing and/or P.R projects per day.
7. Exercise daily, even if it’s just a power walk
8. Make a fashion and design inspiration board for myself once a week.
9. Call my mom once a day and tell her I love her
10. Make a play date with My niece and nephew once a month
11. Sign up for a weekly art class.
12. Practice patience on a daily basis
13. Forgive and learn to let go more
14. Stop myself when I start to get jealous of someone or something.
15. Garden once a week.
16. Send “Thank You” cards
17. Pack my lunch for work 4 times a week
18. Open myself up and make the time to meet someone special
19. Clean my office once a day.
20. Be a huge Star :)

Lets Make this an Awesome year Bitches!! Thank you for all your support last year!! xoxo – Nico Cervantes, NLC Productions

Christmas Day: Traditions and a Little eye candy

Christmas day. :) A day filled with family, treats, love and the ONE day you can get away with not returning a work email. In the days leading up to today I’ve heard Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” about 13, 000 million trillion times in the stores and on radio, but I still don’t manage to get sick of it.. How is that?

My Mom LOVES Christmas, hence her house looking like she hit up every after Christmas tchotchke sale ever. Nutcrackers, Santa statues, faux garlands, porcelain snow men and of course her Tree with every branch weighted down with glitter. I can do without all the other knick knack crap, but the tree does melt my Grinch (y) heart. With some of our family’s ornaments being over 50 years old, many have special memories and funny stories, which are fun to reminisce with each other every year.

Christmas was harder than I thought it, being that many of our family’s traditions are based around food. BUT have you all know that I was a very good boy and avoided my Mom’s homemade tamales (only made once a year and they are the BOMB) and didn’t eat a single Christmas cookie! Ok… I lie…. I bit the head off of gingerbread man. Well, I figured the head was better than the whole body, right;) ??? Oh and I also treated myself to a mug of my Mom’s homemade Mexican Hot chocolate… and Yes, it was worth the cheat.


Me and my two sisters, Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning with my FAM!

The Tree!

What I am learning is … Traditions are fabulous, but it’s okay to let go of old ones and pick up new ones along the way:) SPEAKING of traditions.. I have to jump off because it’s time to watch “Meet me in St Louis” with my Mom. That is one tradition I want to hang on to for as long as I can. In the mean time, check out this fun Christmas table we designed. Thank you to Anna and Michael Costa for the beautiful images! Merry Christmas My Bitches!!!  Xoxoxxo – Nico Cervantes

Photography: Anna and Michael Costa and Blush Restaurant & Lounge

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